Marc Muick / Austria

I was born in Graz, Austria, in 1985. In the early 90s, my father took me to my first air show, which changed my life forever. From that moment on, I was infected by military aviation – I wanted to become a fighter pilot, but as it turned out, my spine was not up to the challenge. 
My father also got me hooked on photography when he lent me his SLR camera in 1997 so I could get my first good shots at a local air show. But I really got into the swing of things in 2008 when I bought my first DSLR. Since then, I’ve always tried to expand my knowledge to become a better photographer. This knowledge of digital imaging, optics, and photo editing would become one of the most important skills in my professional career.  
After high school, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in geography and environmental science and then earned a master’s degree in geospatial technologies. During these years, I focused heavily on remote sensing, where I soon became a tutor and eventually a lecturer.  Since 2013, I have been working for Vexcel Imaging in Graz, a company that is the world leader in building large format aerial cameras. As a photography and aviation enthusiast, I am very pleased to work in this field, which is truly the sum of my professional interests and hobbies.  

When I received the offer to join the amazing CheckSix crew, I again felt very honored and privileged.

I am really looking forward to this journey and contributing on many fronts.

Marc Muick / CHK6   (Press ID number: AUT-850222-2209-13)

Marc Muick / correspondent & digital imaging specialist

You want to get in touch with me? No problem, just send me a mail:  

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