For more than 25 years our online-publication could be visited freely by everyone. Even though we invested a lot of time and energy, it was our hobby and we were proud not only to put some photos online, but also to bring exciting reports about events, museums and aircraft types. In the meantime we went a step further and extended our content (the photos of all future reports are available in XL format, the reports will be extended again and – to top it all off – our own magazine is the icing of the cake!

To give you a glimpse of how comprehensive and high-quality our reports are, we’ve shared a few (even if you’re not yet a subscriber to our publication). If we have aroused your interest, simply register here (SIGN UP) and we will welcome you to the world of military aviation!

Boeing AH-64 APACHE

On the surface not much seems to have changed since aircraft were first used for aerial target towing. Much more sophisticated target ... reviewed by Rob Kysela

Museo Storico Aeronautica Militare

Italian art and architecture, Italian fashion and design, the excellent Italian cuisine as well as the entire Italian way of life - all this is ... reviewed by Rob Kysela

Fête Aérienne / La Ferté-Alais 2022

Every year on the Whitsun weekend, aviation enthusiasts have a must-attend event that draws thousands of fans from all over ... reviewed by Robert Kysela

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