Update: 2019/12/08 by Robert Kysela / CHK6

I personally believe that a once in a lifetime experience is something that happens to everyone! Whether its seeing the pyramids, standing on the Piazza San Marco in Venice or diving in the Maldives – the list can be endless and what someone want to experience (and hopefully will) is of course entirely up to them. One item at the top of the list for any die hard aviation enthusiast is a yearly event conducted by the Swiss Air Force officially entitled FLIEGERSCHIESSEN or known within the aviation enthusiast community simply as AXALP.  This event is not an airshow but a live fire demonstration which civilian spectators are allowed to attend. The whole spectacle takes place at almost 2,300m above sea level in the high alpine area of the Bernese Oberland where the Axalp-Ebenfluh weapons range is located. AXALP takes place every year in early October, a time of year when poor local weather conditions have previously lead to the events cancellation. However, this year, just like last year, luck was on the side of the Swiss Air Force and the tens of thousands of spectators in attendance –  I was one of them!

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