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Answer: CHECKSIX is an organisation that produces an online publication featuring informative, high quality articles and imagery relating to a wide range of military aviation founded by aviation enthusiasts.

Answer: The term CHECKSIX comes from Check your six o`clock! The six o`clock position (directly behind a pilot) is the most vulnerable as it is from here where an enemy pilot has the best chance of shooting you down!  CHECKSIX is a saying with which (American) fighter pilots wished their comrades good luck.

We update our website at least 6 times a year, or whenever we have an interesting article available

Yes, very soon. A digital journal (downloadable pdf version) will be available from 2023 (four issues).  The print version is planned for 2024 (six issues per year). Additionally you can find some of our articles/photos in various aviation magazines worldwide.

Answer: Well, it all depends on our workload as well the subject itself. If there is something special in attendance, we’ll travel as far as necessary. We each have our to do list every year and the average is between 10 to 15 events each year.

Answer: While we are happy to receive material, we can not guarantee that we will use material submitted. If photos or reviews provided are of use to us and they conform to our high standards of quality, then we may use them on our website.

Answer: Currently, no royalties are paid as we do not generate any money from our work. With the print version of our journal (in 2024) we will be able to pay for contributions.

Answer: Yes you can. Preferably we are looking for members from the Spanish- and French-speaking area, who are, beside their native language,  fluent in Business-English (written and spoken). If you are interested and you want to know more about the requirements as well as our terms & conditions please send me a message via our CONTACT form.

Answer:  Very simple: you have to be a dedicated aviation photographer and you must be able to produce reviews and stories that meet our high standards. Fluency in Business English is also highly recommended. But most importantly any new member must be able to fit well into our team. Interested? Get in touch with us by using our CONTACT form.

Answer:  Yes you can, but only if conditions are agreeable to us both! We can provide not only the very best in aviation photography and writing but also consult event organisers (with event management, press management, etc.) Feel free to contact us: info@checksix.de

Answer:  All of our photos and articles are protected by Copyright Law. You may download all photos on your personal computer for private use only. You are not allowed to use them on your private or business website, in any PowerPoint presentation or for any other non-private purpose. If you intend to use any of our material for non-private use please contact us in advance. Thank you!

Answer:  We currently do not have any advertising on our website and we are not actively looking for advertising. Nevertheless we can provide some space for advertising relating to various forms of aviation and photography. Feel free to get in touch with us.

Indeed you can. Just use our contact form and send us your request.

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