Most aircraft are completely unknown to the general public. Only a few experts know their exact designation, technical data and history of these machines. Others are better known and a few are so famous that even the average visitor of an airshow can make sense of their name. When a Supermarine SPITFIRE is announced, a North American MUSTANG flies its display, or one of the last McDonnell Douglas F-4 PHANTOM II takes off, the eyes of the spectators light up. These are exactly the legends of aviation we are talking about here in our section. In irregular intervals we bring here reports about the milestones of aviation history. The first one is already here:

Stay tuned & enjoy!

Sukhoi Su-35 FLANKER

Sukhoi Su-27/30/34/35 FLANKER - Russia

Some airplanes become true legends in their own lifetime and one such aircraft to which this statement certainly applies to is the Sukhoi Su-27 ... reviewed by Rob Kysela

Grumman F-14 TOMCAT / USA

Most pilots like to classify their favourite aircraft. Fighters are commonly known as hot, and if they are good looking they are often referred to ... reviewed by Rob Kysela

AVRO 698 VULCAN / Great Britain

The current political situation, in particular the relationship between the NATO countries and the Russian Federation and .... reviewed by Rob Kysela

Sukhoi Su-57 FELON / Russia

The development of defence technology was and is always characterised by the approach of being ahead of the enemy by the famous ... reviewed by Robert Kysela

General Dynamics F-111 AARDVARK / USA

The specifications for the new fighter, initially entitled TFX (Tactical Fighter, Experimental), later to be renamed F-111, were originally based ... reviewed by Rob Kysela

Boeing AH-64 APACHE

On the surface not much seems to have changed since aircraft were first used for aerial target towing. Much more sophisticated target ... reviewed by Rob Kysela

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