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Born in 1993 in Padua, Italy, I have always breathed the air of aviation, having lived on an active Italian Air Force base. My passion for aeronautics and, in particular, for military aviation has always taken me around Italy visiting airshows.
As the years went by, my passion led me to specialise in aeronautics and become a mechanical engineer specialising in fluid dynamics, then to delve into and learn more and more details of the aircraft I had always seen flying. Photography came later, but it became part of my passion, bringing me closer and closer to aircraft and the aviation environment, until I got to know everything ‘behind the scenes’ of the armed forces, from pilots to specialists.
Bringing to enthusiasts something that is not usually seen drives me to research and always look for something new that is not so common and this magazine is the link that connects my passion with what I would like to bring.
Although airshows and exercises are scattered around Europe and the world during the year, fortunately, my partner Martina and our husky Cooper support this passion by supporting me on the various trips.
Becoming part of this team is an honour and I hope to be able to contribute to showing a different point of view from the one the observer usually gets to see, through my photos and the words that accompany them.

Danilo Bof / CHK6   (Press ID number: IT-930506-2207-10)

Danilo Bof / CHK6
Danilo Bof / correspondent
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