RAF COSFORD AIRSHOW 2022 - United Kingdom

Update: 2022/07/14  by Shawn Clish & Will Moore / CHK6

As the UK and indeed the rest of the world struggles to get back to some normality after the Covid years, public events are making a comeback. After cancelling in 2020 and 2021 the team at Royal Air Force (RAF) Cosford returned to deliver a much-anticipated air show. RAF Cosford was built as part of the RAF expansion between WWI and WWII, opening in 1938. In 1939 No9 Maintenance Unit started operations there. Further developments to accommodate an expanding RAF were the RAF’s No 2 School of Technical Training, formed on 15 July 1938. By the outbreak of WWII RAF Cosford had 3580 maintenance trainees and apprentices.
In 1940 a Hospital was added to the site that served the RAF and the local community until 1977. Repatriated RAF Prisoners of War were processed at RAF Cosford.

The site is still busy and is home to the units listed below:  

  • 605 Squadron RAuxAF
  • University of Birmingham Air Squadron
  • RAF School of Physical Training
  • No 1 School of Technical Training
  • No 1 Radio School 
  • Defence School of Photography
  • RAF Cosford Voluntary band
  • Aerosystems Engineering and Management Training School (AE&MTS)

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