Target Towing - GFD / Rendsburg-Hohn

Update: 2019/12/08  by Robert Kysela / CHK6

On the surface not much seems to have changed since aircraft were first used for aerial target towing. Much more sophisticated targets capable of carrying payloads of state of the art electronic equipment now provide an improved and broadened range of scenarios that have all but replaced simple towed windsleeves and targets. Today, Electronic Warfare (EW) is also a major part of the target towing business as is the testing of newly developed guided missile systems. Previously it was a countries respective air force that carried out target towing duties, however more and more countries are now turning to civilian specialists to carry out this important work. One of these companies is the GFD (Gesellschaft fuer Flugzieldarstellung GmbH – Target Towing Association Inc.) Corporation, a subsidiary of the EADS consortium Germany Incorporated since 2002

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