When it comes to military aircraft, the terms beautiful or graceful might sound a little out of place, at least to the people who have no interest in these wonderful machines. But there is one genre of military aviation that attracts a great deal of interest from both military aircraft enthusiasts and the general public alike, the aerobatic display teams. A formation of nine aircraft is simply just nine aircraft flying in formation – nothing more. But if this formation belongs to the RAF RED ARROWS, it’s a whole lot more, it’s beauty and grace in the air at one moment in time!

In this section of CHK6 you will find background information together with stunning photos of the worlds most exciting and interesting aerobatic display teams, take a look!

Royal Air Force


Within the genre of military aerobatic display teams the famous RAF RED ARROWS of Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) hold a very special place. It’s not just because  

reviewed by Rob Kysela
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