Shawn Clish / CANADA

I was born in Toronto, Canada in 1981. My father, a lifelong aviation enthusiast, started taking me to air shows in nearby London and Hamilton before I was two years old. His passion became mine and we attend multiple events across North America every year.
But walking the earth with my eyes turned skyward was not enough for me, so I enrolled in an aviation program in college and attained my Commercial Pilots License. I gained experience flying in the Canadian north, living in remote locations like Fort Simpson and Pickle Lake. My hard work paid off in 2013 when I was hired by Air Canada where I currently serve as a Captain on the Airbus 320 family.

I am very privileged as my profession is sometimes able to contribute to my hobby. Layovers in Las Vegas or Phoenix mean a trip to Nellis or Luke for photography while flight benefits have allowed me to travel to events like the NATO Tiger Meet and MAKS air show.
I live in Toronto with my lovely wife Brittney and our dog Jager. Thanks to their love and support I am able to enjoy aviation to its full potential.

I am very excited to join CHECKSIX and look forward to sharing my photos and experiences.

Shawn Clish

Shawn Clish / correspondent

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