AIRSHOW LONDON 2019 - London Int. Airport / Ontario / Canada

Update: 2019/11/18  by Shawn Clish / CHK6

Airshow London was held from September 12-16, 2019 at the London International Airport (CYXU) in Ontario, Canada. From the glory years of the London International Air Show to the turbulent years of the London Airshow and Balloon Festival, London has always been a great place to see modern military aircraft. This year’s show didn’t disappoint as the very Canadian flying display included two of Canada’s first jets, the de Havilland Vampire and the Lockheed CT-133 SILVER STAR, two of Canada’s current jets, the Boeing CF-188 HORNET and the BAe CT-155 HAWK and of course the iconic Canadian Forces SNOWBIRDS. The static display was very impressive as it contained a variety of fighters, tankers, helicopters and even a Boeing B-52H STRATOFORTRESS. This was the fourth edition of the show since it’s rebirth in 2016 and although it was the smallest of the four, the organizers overcame numerous challenges to put on a spirited display. As with most aviation events weather presented a significant obstacle. Before the show even started, verbally confirmed Coast Guard and cargo aircraft were allocated to assist with Hurricane Dorian relief efforts. And Friday’s thunderstorm activity erased multiple aircraft from the static display and caused the cancellation of the twilight air show.

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