AMPLE STRIKE 2016 - Náměšť nad Oslavou / Czech Republic

Update: 2019/12/08  by Robert Kysela / CHK6

Air-to-ground missions executed by combat aircraft had and have one major shortcoming: the pilot often has a hard time recognizing the situation on the ground. The danger of dumping their ammunition accidentally on your own troops is one side and not hitting the right target the other. For this reason, a very special kind of soldiers were trained, who are in constant radio communication with the pilot and pass on these targets and, if necessary, target corrections: the Forward Air Controller / FAC. What sounds relatively simple and logical at first glance is a highly complex thing on the second. A FAC not only has to be able to position itself invisibly in close proximity to the front line, he must also understand the complexity of an aerial attack from a pilots point of view in order to pass on relevant information to the attacking pilot. For this reason, most FAC’s are also trained and experienced pilots.

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