Update: 2023/05/11  by Robert Kysela / CHK6

For aviation enthusiasts, museums are important meeting places. Regardless of whether the interest relates to technical or historical issues or whether it is a specific aircraft type a modeller is looking for destinctive details, in an Aviation Museum everybodywill find what he/she is looking for. In almost every country you can find at least a museum with many rare and interesting exhibits. If you then visit one of these museums, a widely expected following scenario might wait for you: hardly a single piece of the museum is in mint, airworthy condition, everything is crammed into a relatively small space. The lighting is quite poor, limited accessibility is another issue. Due to a lack of money (a global problem) only limited work can be done when restoring these rare aircraft. Another problem is not really comprehensible, in some museums, the paintjob done on the aircraft is a disaster. In an effort to make the exhibits more striking and interesting, the wrong color pot is used  quite often. Even when trying to apply the original painting, often something seriously goes wrong (like a beautifully restored but terribly painted Junkers Ju-88G in a German museum in Berlin). In many institutions there is also an outdoor area where the aircraft are most exposed to the weather conditions and vulnerable and therefore subject to rapid deterioration.

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