NATO Tiger Meet 2022 - Araxos AB / Greece

Update: 2022/05/28  by Shawn Clish / CHK6

For as long as I have known about the NATO Tiger Association (NTA), I have been interested in their annual Tiger Meet.  Full of pageantry and tradition, this exercise has been bringing tiger themed aviation units together from all over Europe since the first meeting between American and British squadrons in 1960.  The first official meeting of the NTA occurred the following year at RAF Woodbridge in Great Britain and was expanded to include a French squadron as well.  After following these events online for many years, I was finally able to attend in person at BAN Landivisiau, France in 2017.  I was delighted to be among all of these European units, operating aircraft like the Eurofighter TYPHOON and Dassault RAFALE which are rare visitors to North America.  There were plenty of colourful paint schemes and tiger paraphernalia everywhere, creating a wonderful atmosphere among the participants and enthusiasts.  I assumed I would become a regular attendee, but a variety of reasons caused me to miss the following four events in Poland, France, Portugal and Belgium.  Determined to attend once again this year, I was very excited to receive my confirmation email from the organizing committee.

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