RIAT 2000 - RAF Cottesmore / UK

Update: 2020/04/18  by Robert Kysela / CHK6

For the first time in 25 years the worlds biggest airshow did not take place on its original base at RAF Fairford due to construction working there, it was transferred to the former TTTE ( Tri-national Tornado Training Establishment ) Base RAF Cottesmore. This base is not as big as the one at Fairford, therefore there were some doubts in advance whether an event like the air tattoo could take place in Cottesmore. The decision for Cottesmore was actually not undisputed, at least not in UK. Anyway, thanks to the excellent organisation, the objections against the new location were dissipated, and due to the success of RIAT 2000, RIAT 2001 will also take place here. RIAT 2000 once again was a brilliant demonstration of British organisational talent. Enjoy the top pictures in this report, and look forward with us to RIAT 2001 – same place !

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