PREVIEW: Athens Flying Week 2023

Update: 2023/24/09  by Robert Kysela / CHK6

For the eleventh consecutive year (with one Corona-related exception), Athens Flying Week (AFW) took place on the weekend of September 2-3. The largest air show in southern Europe is held at Tanagra AB near the Greek capital Athens and has become a must-attend event among aircraft enthusiasts. This has several backgrounds, one of which is certainly the relatively stable beautiful Greek weather. Another, also important reason is the orientation of the runway in relation to the sun. This is behind the spectators for most of the day, providing perfect conditions for photographers.
The main reason for the popularity of the AFW is, of course, the terrific line-up of planes and helicopters, including numerous exotics. From the beginning, the Greeks have been good at bringing rare guests from the Middle East to their show, in addition to aircraft from friendly NATO countries.

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